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Energy Transfer,
Dreams  and Night Entities

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A Form of Confusion that has Psychic Roots

I look at two forms of energy transfer. The type of energy in question is psychic energy, which is energy that is utilised through will power or emotional moods. In both forms it is transferred to and from the solar plexus, which stores it. The two forms are those of transfer during certain kinds of dreams, and transfer during sexual intercourse.

Dream transfer is a potent source of psychological confusion, whilst the second form is harmless.

First I consider dream transfer, which introduces the problem of night entities (or sleep entities).

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Two modes of attack
Easiest defence
Malevolent entities
Aura and will power
Second defence
Sexual intercourse

Night Entities

One of the problems that always seem to beset the male ascetic mentality is that caused by seminal ejaculation during dreams. This type of dream is called a ‘wet dream’ or a ‘nocturnal emission’. If the ascetic person is attempting to repress sexual desire then the occurrence of sexual dreams is not welcome, let alone the ejaculation!  I remember going to a lecture on early Christianity, and was surprised when the lecturer stated that one of the pre-occupations of the early Christians (as recorded on manuscripts) was with wet dreams. They evidently are a common occurrence, even to puritans.

What puzzled me was why sperm was produced. Thoughts of sexual desire usually produce a thin viscid fluid from the penis, but the emission of sperm requires ejaculation. It is possible to spend the whole day immersed in sexual phantasies – much fluid will be exuded, but no sperm. I cannot think an ejaculation into happening. So why did it occur in dreams, some of which might only last a few seconds?  Sometimes I found that ejaculation took place without any sexual content in the accompanying dream state. What was special about this state?

In one period of 1988 I had dreams of vampires attacking me. I experienced terror ; waves of anxiety would sweep over me. At first I analysed the experience of terror, since I had not met it before. Then I thought about the vampires – what was the reality of the situation?  For some reason I thought about the ancient Greeks and their views on astral entities that they called incubi and succubi.

Before continuing, I need to introduce two paragraphs about the terms "astral " and "etheric".

The astral and etheric worlds
The astral world is the world of the dream state. Although dreams usually are aspects of imagination or confusion, nevertheless the astral world is a real world with its own inhabitants. The intermediate stage during sleep, between losing normal consciousness and mentally going to the astral world, is the etheric state. One way to know the difference between these two states is that in the astral world images are clear and defined, whilst in the etheric state images are indistinct and can present themselves as a shapeless grey mass.

An astral entity is a being or life-form that lives only in the astral world and does not live in the physical world that humans know. The only way for such a being to make contact with a human is via the dream state, when the mind of a human sleeper visits the astral world. See also the glossary for astral.

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Two Modes of Attack

One night, whilst dreaming, I ‘awoke’ into the astral world ; I was in full consciousness whilst my body was asleep. (This state is sometimes called lucid dreaming). I saw three women sitting astride me. The shock of this sexual encounter brought me out of the astral consciousness and back into waking consciousness. I interpreted this event as follows. The reality of astral vampire, succubus, incubus, etc had been demonstrated to me. But my perception of them as women I put down to suggestion from the Greek myths. I never again saw these night entities (the term that I use for them) in human form ; I only once more saw one, this time in its etheric form – an appearance of a shapeless gray mass.

It is important to realise that normally when a sleeper is dreaming, he is not aware that he is dreaming. He thinks that he is awake. Only in the state of lucid dreaming is he really awake. However, even though he is awake (whilst the body is asleep), his vision is not normal vision but astral vision. Therefore he can see astral entities if they are in his room.

This form of sexual abuse is one way that night entities attack sleeping humans. Another way is to attack the physical body of the sleeper, usually the chest or throat region.

There are either two types of entity, or just one type with two modes of action. The night entity feeds on emotional energy, so it interacts with the sleeping person in a way that forces that person to generate the required emotion.

1). Non-sexual mode
One mode of action is to exert pressure on the chest, so that the sleeping person feels that he is suffocating and cannot breathe. He then generates fear, terror, fright, and similar emotions, which is what the night entity desires. These emotions feed the night entity.

This mode is fairly easy to deal with, since it takes time. The dreamer can become aware of the situation and take defensive action.

2). Sexual mode
The other mode of action is designed to generate sexual emotions in the dreamer. This is far more difficult to defend against since the time between the start of a sexual dream and the following ejaculation may sometimes be only a few seconds. In such a short period there is not usually enough time to realise what is happening to oneself, and so it is difficult to prevent the ejaculation.

Additionally, there is often a time factor involved. When I went through prolonged periods of despair, the entity would visit me at approximately the same time during the nights. Perhaps each entity has a "round" or itinerary, visiting several sleepers per night, so that each sleeper has his set time of attack.

Some people do not accept the reality of night entities, and put down the imagery to subconscious images or to hypnogogic images (images that appear when the person is on the edge of sleep). The actual appearance of the entities may well be influenced by the sleeper's subconscious mind. However, the subconscious mind alone cannot induce an ejaculation of sperm.

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Easiest Defence

One major difficulty is that the attack often seems to start when the sleeper is in the etheric state, rather than when in the astral state. The etheric state is easily recognised. In it the body is immovable, it feels as though it is paralysed and as heavy as lead. And here lies the greatest anxiety. When in this state of total physical inertia, the body seems to be defenceless against the imminent attack. Some modern-day sleep researchers have given the name "sleep paralysis" to this stage of sleep. See also glossary : sources of confusion (under astral).

The easiest defence is to wake up, since the night entity has no power against normal consciousness. But how do you wake up from the etheric state?  I have never yet managed to wake up by thinking myself awake (if I try, I just dream that I am awake – this has echoes of Descartes’ dreaming puzzle, that is, how do I know that I am awake and not dreaming that I am awake ? ).

The most effective way is to move the body. This automatically removes consciousness from the etheric state. To try to deliberately move the head or an arm is almost impossible, and the failure to do so increases one’s fear. I keep a mug of water by my bedside. The first method that I used was to desire to drink the water, whence my arm moved by itself, thereby awakening me. My normal method these days I will mention below.

It is not usually possible to defend oneself by stopping the sexual dream and remaining calm. The body has experienced attacks by night entities perhaps much of its life, so the arrival of one generates fear in spite of efforts by the sleeper to remain calm.

The person need only remain awake for a short time before going back to sleep. It was rare for me to be attacked twice in a night, and on only a few occasions in the past years have I been attacked three times in a night.

The attacks are not limited to the night. If a person works during the night, and so sleeps during the day, the attacks can come anytime whilst he is in daytime sleep.

The best defence is to detect the actual arrival of the night entity, before the attack begins. The main sign is an immediate sensation of pressure over the whole body. Then simply wake up.

One night I was attacked by an entity. I dreamt that I was facing a malevolent force. I tried to cover my abdomen with my hands. There was a terrific suction on my belly area (like being on the wrong end of a vacuum cleaner). Then I woke up. That suction indicates quite clearly that the entity operates by ‘magnetic’ transfer of energy from the solar plexus, in exactly the same manner as ‘magnetic’ healing occurs when practised within the context of psychic healing (otherwise known as ‘spiritual healing’). So after the attack the sleeper ends up feeling de-vitalised to some degree.

Magnetic healing happens when the healer uses his own energies to heal or ameliorate a disorder in a patient. It is the actual basis of eighteenth and nineteenth century mesmerism. I can verify the reality of such healing from my own experience. Once, in the early 1980s, in a psychic healing group, I had magnetically transferred my energy to a friend. How I managed it, I do not know. I was left with a severe belly-ache for 24 hours, until my nervous system replenished my own energy deficit. The belly-ache was a symptom of a temporarily run-down solar plexus.

A second major difficulty is that the person has to remember to take real defensive action. It is all too easy to dream that one is defending oneself : this will have no effect whatever against the night entity.

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Malevolent Entities

On a few occasions the night entity seemed to be different from usual, or perhaps it was a different life form. On those occasions it was detected by its approaching aura of malevolence. This malevolence is as forcefully felt as a strong wind can be. Sometimes its approach is detected by its representation in a dream – the dream may be going along pleasantly when suddenly a ‘devil ’ or a black figure appears out of nowhere. Then it is time to wake up quickly, unless the sleeper wants to engage in mental battle with it.

From my experience, ordinary night entities do not exude malevolence, even the kind that feed on terror by inhibiting the sleeper's breathing. However, the malevolent form induces in the sleeper the feeling that he is facing pure evil.

Aura and Willpower

Night entities do not always attack the sleeper. And the reason for this is that they often cannot. The person’s aura is maintained by his will. When the will is strong then entities cannot affect the sleeper, since they cannot penetrate the aura.

However, some emotional states weaken the will. Such states are usually those of depression and fear and the three modes of self-pity. [¹]. Plus the fact that the self-pity mode of jealousy finds sexual dreams very enticing. These emotional states weaken the strength of the aura and allow the entity to successfully penetrate the sleeper’s consciousness.

Therefore, one key to successful defence is to strengthen one's willpower.

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Second Defence

This brings me to my second method of defence. I rarely use it now since I no longer engage in sexual dreams, and I no longer get immersed in long periods of self-pity or depression. Hence it is rare for me to be attacked nowadays.

Sometimes I positively hated entities (though at other times they did not upset me). So in my defence I channel this hatred into a powerful symbol of defiance. When I detect the entity, I summon up all my willpower into one great explosive effort to move my arm ; I use this focused energy to punch the entity. My effort has to be great since otherwise my arm will not move : it will remain in sleep paralysis.

What this tactic accomplishes is this :

If a person wants to investigate the reality of these ideas then he needs to develop awareness whilst sleeping. To do this he has to use sexual dreams and pressure stimuli as ‘trigger spots’ that immediately convey a warning to him to become aware of what is happening whilst he is still dreaming. As with any skill, this development of awareness takes time.

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Sexual Intercourse

Now I turn to a much more familiar example of energy transfer, that of sexual intercourse. What psychic effects happen to the man at the time of ejaculation, produced by intercourse (as well as by masturbation and by night entity attack) ?

The emotional effects may be guilt or joy or satisfaction, etc ; these emotions and accompanying attitudes camouflage the psychic effect. If after ejaculation the man puts his emotional response into neutral, then within perhaps half an hour or an hour he will notice that he has a mild belly-ache or a ‘dead’ feeling in the solar plexus area. What has happened is that the man has used up his psychic energy : it has radiated out of his solar plexus chakra, which now feels run-down. (This effect will be more noticeable in an introvert than in an extrovert, since an introvert has less energy than an extrovert).

This chakra is also tied in some way to the strength of a person’s will power. So at the moment of ejaculation the man devitalises himself and weakens his will power. This effect is a psychic reason why regular sexual activity makes spiritual development, within the tradition of meditation, difficult for a man.

What else happens at the time of ejaculation?  The man transfers his psychic energy to the woman!  He re-vitalises her solar plexus chakra. Hence he quickly falls asleep whilst she stays awake. The transfer is a less intense version of what happens between healer and client during ‘magnetic’ healing.

This fact of psychic de-vitalisation also occurs when sexual daydreaming is prolonged, and ejaculation is not performed. The ache in the belly should not be confused with the ache in the genitals (which prolonged sexual desire produces). Both aches are inter-related and result from loss of psychic energy.


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[¹]. A summary of the factors of some important emotions is :
Guilt = self-pity + self-hate.
Pride = vanity + hatred of other people.
Narcissism = love + vanity.
Jealousy = love + self-pity.
Anxiety = fear + vanity.

My definitions, descriptions, and analysis of emotions are given in the three articles on Emotion. See Basic Ideas page. [1]

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